Chemical elements
    PDB 102l-183l
    PDB 184l-1ba0
    PDB 1ba1-1c6b
    PDB 1c6c-1cu2
    PDB 1cu3-1dm6
    PDB 1dp4-1edb
    PDB 1edd-1fma
    PDB 1fmv-1gkx
    PDB 1gkz-1hdx
    PDB 1hdy-1idw
    PDB 1iee-1j51
    PDB 1j5t-1k6e
    PDB 1k6i-1kwu
    PDB 1kwv-1l79
    PDB 1l7x-1ll1
    PDB 1lla-1mfq
    PDB 1mfu-1nfu
    PDB 1nfw-1o2l
    PDB 1o2m-1ogv
    PDB 1ohg-1p37
    PDB 1p3n-1pw6
    PDB 1pwm-1qov
    PDB 1qpe-1rar
    PDB 1rb6-1s63
    PDB 1s64-1sz6
    PDB 1szc-1tmx
    PDB 1tnb-1ukm
    PDB 1umn-1v47
    PDB 1v6p-1vq6
    PDB 1vq7-1wl8
    PDB 1wl9-1xcw
    PDB 1xcx-1y2h
    PDB 1y4h-1ymk
    PDB 1yml-1zhj
    PDB 1zi1-1zxv
    PDB 1zyt-2a2c
    PDB 2a2k-2ajf
    PDB 2akw-2b35
    PDB 2b3h-2bi3
    PDB 2bi4-2bup
    PDB 2bvc-2c5u
    PDB 2c5w-2cl8
    PDB 2cmw-2dm6
    PDB 2dpq-2eht
    PDB 2ei6-2f81
    PDB 2f8g-2fyr
    PDB 2fzv-2gff
    PDB 2gfg-2h1i
    PDB 2h28-2hq9
    PDB 2hqk-2i8d
    PDB 2i9f-2isa
    PDB 2ism-2j14
    PDB 2j1n-2jfr
    PDB 2jh0-2nlv
    PDB 2nmo-2o5r
    PDB 2o62-2okc
    PDB 2okd-2ovz
    PDB 2ow0-2p9a
    PDB 2p9w-2pov
    PDB 2pq7-2q6e
    PDB 2q6h-2qjb
    PDB 2qju-2qyc
    PDB 2r07-2ray
    PDB 2rb4-2uwo
    PDB 2uwp-2v7l
    PDB 2v7m-2vj3
    PDB 2vja-2vr2
    PDB 2vr4-2w0d
    PDB 2w0r-2wcz
    PDB 2wd0-2wky
    PDB 2wl2-2wta
    PDB 2wto-2x6o
    PDB 2x6t-2xgw
    PDB 2xhr-2xsh
    PDB 2xsq-2yv5
    PDB 2yve-2zir
    PDB 2zjm-3a92
    PDB 3a93-3b3p
    PDB 3b5q-3biz
    PDB 3bjn-3c2k
    PDB 3c31-3ccj
    PDB 3cck-3cl1
    PDB 3cl9-3d00
    PDB 3d02-3dcl
    PDB 3dct-3dmx
    PDB 3dmz-3e05
    PDB 3e0r-3egv
    PDB 3egz-3f0w
    PDB 3f1s-3fe2
    PDB 3fe6-3frl
    PDB 3frq-3g3g
    PDB 3g3h-3gdx
    PDB 3ge1-3gum
    PDB 3gun-3hd2
    PDB 3hd3-3hp5
    PDB 3hp9-3i2i
    PDB 3i2j-3ibs
    PDB 3ibu-3ilj
    PDB 3ill-3iv0
    PDB 3iv1-3jy6
    PDB 3jya-3k93
    PDB 3k97-3kjq
    PDB 3kk7-3kwe
    PDB 3kwk-3l6t
    PDB 3l7i-3llx
    PDB 3lm0-3lzh
    PDB 3m07-3mdo
    PDB 3mdq-3mtc
    PDB 3mth-3n5h
    PDB 3n5j-3njo
    PDB 3nkh-3nyx
    PDB 3nz2-3ofm
    PDB 3ofz-3org
    PDB 3orj-3p69
    PDB 3p6q-3pvq
    PDB 3pw3-3rja
    PDB 3rk4-3ssh
    PDB 3ssq-3u15
    PDB 3u3g-3uzx
    PDB 3uzy-3vl7
    PDB 3vm5-4amn
    PDB 4amp-4dfj
    PDB 4dfr-4e0x
    PDB 4e1j-4eh1
    PDB 4eha-4exl
    PDB 4eze-4fyl
    PDB 4fz0-8est

Chlorine in PDB, part 87 (4301-4350), PDB files 3e0r - 3egv

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Chlorine (Cl) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Chlorine atoms.
PDB files 4301-4350 (3e0r - 3egv):
  1. 3e0r - Crystal Structure of Cppa Protein From Streptococcus Pneumoniae TIGR4
  2. 3e15 - 6-Phosphogluconolactonase From Plasmodium Vivax
  3. 3e18 - Crystal Structure of Nad-Binding Protein From Listeria Innocua
  4. 3e1t - Structure and Action Of the Myxobacterial Chondrochloren Halogenase Cndh, A New Variant of Fad-Dependent Halogenases
  5. 3e3k - Structural Characterization of A Putative Endogenous Metal Chelator in the Periplasmic Nickel Transporter Nika (Butane-1,2,4-Tricarboxylate Without Nickel Form)
  6. 3e4b - Crystal Structure of Algk From Pseudomonas Fluorescens WCS374R
  7. 3e4d - Structural and Kinetic Study of An S-Formylglutathione Hydrolase From Agrobacterium Tumefaciens
  8. 3e5u - Ocpa Complexed Cprk (C200S)
  9. 3e5x - Ocpa Complexed Cprk
  10. 3e6b - Ocpa Complexed Cprk (C200S)
  11. 3e6c - Cprk Ocpa Dna Complex
  12. 3e6l - Structure of Murine Inos Oxygenase Domain With Inhibitor Ar- C132283
  13. 3e6y - Structure of 14-3-3 in Complex With the Differentiation-Inducing Agent Cotylenin A
  14. 3e78 - Structure Determination of the Cancer-Associated Mycoplasma Hyorhinis Protein Mh-P37
  15. 3e79 - Structure Determination of the Cancer-Associated Mycoplasma Hyorhinis Protein Mh-P37
  16. 3e7a - Crystal Structure of Protein Phosphatase-1 Bound to the Natural Toxin Nodularin-R
  17. 3e7b - Crystal Structure of Protein Phosphatase-1 Bound to the Natural Toxin Inhibitor Tautomycin
  18. 3e7c - Glucocorticoid Receptor Lbd Bound to GSK866
  19. 3e7e - Structure and Substrate Recruitment of the Human Spindle Checkpoint Kinase Bub
  20. 3e7v - Crystal Structure of Human Haspin With A Pyrazolo-Pyrimidine Ligand
  21. 3e7y - Structure of Human Insulin
  22. 3e7z - Structure of Human Insulin
  23. 3e82 - Crystal Structure of A Putative Oxidoreductase From Klebsiella Pneumoniae
  24. 3e8m - Structure-Function Analysis of 2-Keto-3-Deoxy-D-Glycero-D-Galacto- Nononate-9-Phosphate (Kdn) Phosphatase Defines A New Clad Within the Type C0 Had Subfamily
  25. 3e8x - Putative Nad-Dependent Epimerase/Dehydratase From Bacillus Halodurans.
  26. 3e8y - Xray Structure of Scorpion Toxin BMBKTX1
  27. 3e9l - Crystal Structure of Human PRP8, Residues 1755-2016
  28. 3e9s - A New Class of Papain-Like Protease/Deubiquitinase Inhibitors Blocks Sars Virus Replication
  29. 3e9z - Crystal Structure of Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase From Schistosoma Mansoni in Complex With 6-Chloroguanine
  30. 3eah - Structure of Inhibited Human Enos Oxygenase Domain
  31. 3eaq - Novel Dimerization Motif in the Dead Box Rna Helicase Hera Form 2, Complete Dimer, Symmetric
  32. 3ebp - Glycogen Phosphorylase B/Flavopiridol Complex
  33. 3eby - Crystal Structure Of the Beta Subunit of A Putative Aromatic-Ring- Hydroxylating Dioxygenase (YP_001165631.1) From Novosphingobium Aromaticivorans Dsm 12444 At 1.75 A Resolution
  34. 3ebz - High Resolution Hiv-2 Protease Structure in Complex With Clinical Drug Darunavir
  35. 3ec0 - High Resolution Hiv-2 Protease Structure in Complex With Antiviral Inhibitor Grl-06579A
  36. 3ec8 - The Crystal Structure Of the Ra Domain of FLJ10324 (Radil)
  37. 3ecg - High Resolution Hiv-2 Protease Structure in Complex With Antiviral Inhibitor Grl-98065
  38. 3ecj - Structure Of E323L Mutant of Homoprotocatechuate 2,3-Dioxygenase From Brevibacterium Fuscum At 1.65A Resolution
  39. 3eck - Structure of E323L Homoprotocatechuate 2,3-Dioxygenase From Brevibacterium Fuscum In Complex With Putative O-O Bond Cleavage Intermediate Formed Via in Crystallo Reaction With 4-Sulfonyl Catechol At Low Oxygen Concentrations
  40. 3ecs - Crystal Structure of Human EIF2B Alpha
  41. 3ed0 - Crystal Structure of (3R)-Hydroxyacyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Dehydratase (Fabz) From Helicobacter Pylori in Complex With Emodin
  42. 3ee6 - Crystal Structure Analysis of Tripeptidyl Peptidase -I
  43. 3eee - Probing The Function of Heme Distortion in the H-Nox Family
  44. 3eeu - Structure of the Rna Pyrophosphohydrolase Bdrpph in Complex With Holmium
  45. 3eew - Crystal Structure Of D-3-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase, Prepared in The Presence of the Substrate D-3- Hydroxybutyrate and Nad+
  46. 3ef3 - Cut-1A; Ncn-Pt-Pincer-Cutinase Hybrid
  47. 3efp - Crystal Structure of the Escherichia Coli Twin Arginine Leader Peptide Binding Protein Dmsd in A Monomeric Form
  48. 3eft - Crystal Structure of the Complex Between Carbonic Anhydrase II and A Spin-Labeled Sulfonamide Incorporating Tempo Moiety
  49. 3egk - Knoble Inhibitor
  50. 3egv - Ribosomal Protein L11 Methyltransferase (Prma) in Complex With Trimethylated Ribosomal Protein L11


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